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Finding good people for your organization is critical. People are the foundations on which you may grow a business, change the direction of an organization or service, or create a new market for your product. 

We provide advertising advice, initial screening, in-depth interviews and summaries on qualified candidates. We develop interview questions, facilitate interviews and participate as required during this process. We assess candidates for proper fit with your position and organization. 


Our approach about search:

With current unemployment rates and changes in the market place, it can seem that there are plenty of people to choose from. What you really want is the right person for the job - and that means someone who has the ability and capability to successfully carry out the position as a whole as well as the various aspects of the position. 

For example, the person needs to understand the industry and the niche that the organization is in. The person needs to have an approach to work that will fit with the culture of the organization. This includes initiative, professionalism, interpersonal skills, creativity, judgement, communication skills, commitment, and quality. 

The right person needs to be available for the specific location at the required time. There may be some flexibility about the location and timing. The right candidate need to understand your work environment and want to work in it. 
Finally, the right person will be able to and interested in, working for your organization for the compensation that you can afford to offer.  You may know where best to look for the right people and what to look for.

Meredith Group has worked with organizations in Canada and the US, large and small, in a wide range of industries to identify possible right people for the company.








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