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Being the principal founder or a senior manager in an organization isn't easy. And if the organization is changing or growing, it can be quite difficult. Add to that a fast-paced environment and you have an opportunity for chaos, breakdown or burnout.  We have worked with many organizations over the years to coach and develop managers and leaders.

Our approach

We consider issues strategically and pragmatically from an overall business or organizational perspective. By working with clients on a longer term basis, we more fully understand and allow you to capitalize on your goals, priorities and internal culture.

For example -
New managers, whether as the principal founder or as part of a team, have much to assimilate and implement. When managing in a quickly changing environment, consider these:

  • Don't hire staff casually, thinking that you can easily make a change in a few months.
  • Don't feel that everyone has to like you, your decisions or your style all the time. 
  • Treat people reasonably, and keep your word.
  • Accept that everyone will not have the same dedication and commitment as you. However, to accomplish what needs to be done, set clear expectations for others.
  • Offer sensible compensation and benefits - your company or organizations has its own unique benefits and attributes. You may not have to try to match offers from big organizations and firms.
  • Outline and communicate the company or team goals. Do the right thing from the start and develop good habits.
  • Make decisions. Don't be rushed if your gut tells you that there is a significant problem or issue to consider, but remember that a postponed decision can be a loss of an important opportunity.





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