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Growing and Building Smaller Organizations

One of the greatest challenges for a company is managing growth, making the leap from a small enterprise, where everyone works in very close proximity, often sharing a large office, to a medium size operation with various departments and more complex requirements.  We can guide and support businesses and organizations through these issues.

Background -

Often the growth has happened gradually - as sales or fees have increased gradually, the business founders or owners have, over time, hired staff to provide technical assistance, handle the books and payroll assist with sales or marketing activities. The operation has grown from an original two - four people to twenty. More growth is anticipated but difficulties are occurring. Perhaps people are working at cross purposes, re-doing each others work. 

Technical staff, who have gained greatly in expertise and are critical members of the business, now would like more feedback on their performance and an indication of career progression or professional development. Perhaps one of the initial founders has great technical ability but no knowledge of experience managing and guiding a team. Staff in general may be commenting that they don't know who does what anymore, or what the priorities are.

While some of these are management and leadership issues, many have to do with growth.








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